What is fresh start policy?

The Fresh Start Policy (FSP) provides a student who left SUNY Ulster without completing an academic program the opportunity to return and start over with a new grade point average (GPA). However, the FSP is an option only for students who haven't taken a course at SUNY Ulster for at least two academic years. Students who have not enrolled in credit classes at the DCC for a minimum of three consecutive years and who have D and F on their academic record can apply for the Fresh Start Rule. All D and F grades will not apply to the student's academic record.

The rule can only be used once and cannot be applied if a student has already graduated. Students are expected to apply before completing their first semester back to be eligible. All other graduation requirements remain in effect. Students apply through the Registrar's Office.

If approved, the Fresh Start will not be reflected in the student's academic record until 3 weeks after the semester returns. Fresh Start cannot be applied to any course previously used by the student to complete a degree or certificate. The 26% financial aid scholarship policies do not recognize the Fresh Start Policy or any changes it may have in a student's record. A student planning to transfer to an institution other than TBR should contact that institution to determine the impact of Academic Fresh Start before implementing the program at Motlow.

A fresh academic start will not eliminate the eligibility standards for financial aid under the rules of satisfactory academic progress. All Tennessee Board of Regents institutions will respect a Fresh Start provision granted at another TBR institution. The Academic Fresh Start makes it easy for students who left due to academic difficulties to return to NJCU. The Fresh Start formally applies the day after the 14th (census date) for the institution where the student remains enrolled.

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