Fresh start program texas?

Your previous grades don't have to count against you. If you are a resident of Texas and are applying for admission to public colleges or universities in Texas as a college student. Academic Fresh Start (AFS) allows Texas residents to enroll in college courses with a clear academic record. University courses completed ten (or more) years before the application deadline are withdrawn from consideration for admission purposes.

Once ignored, this course cannot be used to meet prerequisites or degree requirements at the University of Houston. Texas resident students may, at the time of submitting their application for admission or readmission to Texas Women's University, apply for an Academic Fresh Start (Texas Education Code 51.93) with the Office of Admissions. The student will lose the use of all credits earned ten years or more before enrollment under the Academic New Start Policy. Courses taken before this time will not be used in calculating the student's average admission grade point average.

The student's academic record will be entered with the annotation “New Start”, for all discarded course work. All credit earned after the ten-year period will be included in the student's academic record. Financial aid history or cumulative award limits and overtime policies continue to apply to courses discarded for Academic Fresh Start. Admission under Academic Fresh Start does not change a student's financial aid obligations for courses not considered for admission purposes.

Students planning to earn a graduate degree should note that if their high school degree was earned under the Academic Fresh Start Act, only the grade point average of the courses that applied to the baccalaureate degree will be evaluated, as set out in the Fresh Start Academic restrictions. The Fresh Start program will help address the fact that life circumstances, including financial restrictions, transportation and child care needs, can contribute to students dropping out of college before completing their degree or certificate. Students who re-enroll in Fresh Start will be able to use any financial aid for which they are eligible. Applicants applying for admission under the Academic Fresh Start statute must inform Undergraduate Admissions in writing, at the time of application, of their intention by submitting an Academic Fresh Start form.

Under the provisions of the Texas Education Code, the Academic Fresh Start program was established to allow that a Texas resident apply for admission and choose to omit all academic work obtained 10 or more years before the enrollment date requested for admission purposes.

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