How much does it cost for an offer in compromise?

The Fresh Start initiative made it easier for taxpayers to apply for tax relief through programs such as an IRS installment agreement and the commitment offer program. After determining that you qualify and identifying the reasons for submitting a transaction offer, a tax lawyer will begin to collect the required documentation and documentation. The student loan offers that appear on this site come from companies or affiliates from which solvable can receive compensation. The Offer in Compromise program is part of the IRS's Fresh Start initiative, which consists of a series of changes to IRS collection procedures to help taxpayers and businesses settle past due tax liabilities.

Solvable does not include all personal loan companies or all types of offers available on the market. Many CPAs, attorneys and enrolled agents who have salespeople and telephone salespeople commissioned on their payroll charge those high fees in the “DISGUISE” of representing you during the offering process. It requires a lot of documentation and time and, in the end, the IRS can still reject your offer. Also, remember that interest continues to accrue during the process of negotiating transaction offers, which means that you'll end up owing more than ever if you don't finally reach an agreement.

In general, if you're not absolutely sure that the IRS will approve your OCI with the amount of the proposed offer, the ICO can be an expensive and unfeasible solution. However, while the IRS reviews your periodic payment offer, you must continue to make the fixed payments provided for in the terms of the offer, which are not refundable and are intended for your tax liability, which you can specify. We make a commitment offer to SETTLE AN OLD TAX DEBT IN AN AMOUNT THAT FITS YOUR BUDGET, NOT THE IRS BUDGET. The personal loan offers that appear on this site come from companies or subsidiaries from which Solvent may receive compensation.

Submitting an offer to the IRS is a formal process; you can't just call the IRS and say “Let's make a deal.” Rather, there are several types that are likely to be offered or discussed with you when completing your application. The revenue officer or special procedures officer can help you find a way to make your offer acceptable.

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